Share Paper: Reusable Functional Modules for Supporting Active Learning

  1. Laurent Kirsch, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  2. Christian Grévisse, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  3. Jean Botev, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  4. Steffen Rothkugel, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Tuesday, June 24 10:30 AM-11:00 AM B3109

Abstract: Active learning requires practical experimentation for fully comprehending a new concept. This is hampered by current learning materials, which mostly consist of static content. The discussed operating system environment allows for the convenient integration of dynamic with static content, thus enabling materials encompassing interactive scenarios and experiments. This greatly benefits the active learner, who is not limited to playing around with the teacher’s pre-defined example set. Individual functional elements of this set can be reused in the learner’s custom scenarios, allowing for isolating the functionality involved and further inspecting its behavior. Hence, a better overall comprehension can eventually be achieved. ...