Share Paper: A Promising Approach for Supporting Analytic and Synthetic Thinking in Concept Mapping

  1. Thanasis Giouvanakis, TEI of Central Macedonia, Greece
  2. Haido Samaras, Anatolia College, Greece
  3. Evangelos Kehris, TEI of Central Macedonia, Greece
  4. Asterios Mpakavos, TEI of Central Macedonia, Greece
Tuesday, June 24 10:00-10:30 AM B1097

Abstract: In this paper we presented our research and development efforts to support learners to cultivate their analytic and synthetic abilities during a concept mapping learning activity. In order to achieve this aim, we focus on a higher level than the level of nodes and propositions. Exploiting research findings from the area of brain science and mathematical concepts and tools from the field of network theory, we propose a new approach that gives encouraging results. We discuss these results with the presentation of a case study.