Share Paper: Considering Individual Variation in Triadic Interaction among Children with Autistic Features during a Technology-enhanced LEGO® Building Activity

  1. Katja Tuononen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  2. Sanni Kiiskinen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  3. Eija Kärnä, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Tuesday, June 24 4:30 PM-5:00 PM B1097

Abstract: Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have challenges in triadic interaction, or joint attention. These skills affect multiple areas of the lives of these children, including their learning and education. Previously, technological solutions have been found to be beneficial for this population. Thus, we were interested in investigating triadic interaction among children with autistic features during a technology-enhanced LEGO® building activity. Previous research has focused on the difficulties that these children have. We wanted to provide an alternative, strength-based perspective. The pilot study presented in this paper was conducted as a mixed-methods case study utilising video data recorded in a ...