Share Paper: Serious game Gademavo: How to enhance students’ ability in taking decisions in a complex world.

  1. Anne-Dominique Salamin, University of Applied Sciences western Switzerland, Switzerland (HES-SO), Switzerland
Tuesday, June 24 4:30 PM-5:00 PM B3117

Abstract: The objective conditions are gathered in order to develop alternative training resources. Serious games represents a good example of a tool welcomed and appreciated by students stemming from the Digital Natives, while at the same time assuring progression in knowledge acquisition. The Gademavo game, developed by the e-learning Center HES-SO Cyberlearn, aims at providing students in the tertiary sector, with the competence expected for solving problems and decision-taking. This game relies on a space and graphic metaphor closely related to the professional contexts aimed at, and can be customized to the required courses. This paper briefly reviews the researches related ...