Tuesday, June 24
10:00 AM-11:00 AM

Cyber Peer-Led Team Learning (cPLTL)

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  1. aaa
    Thomas Janke
    IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning
  2. Pratibha Varma-Nelson
    IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning

Abstract: This paper describes the challenges and opportunities of adapting a high-impact face-to-face pedagogy to an online environment. At Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), USA, Cyber Peer-led Team Learning (cPLTL) was developed by adapting Peer Led-Team Learning (PLTL) to an online environment. PLTL is a model of teaching that preserves the lecture and replaces recitation in science courses with a weekly two-hour problem solving session called a workshop. In this project, an online, synchronous, collaborative environment for conducting PLTL workshops was created by using web-conferencing software coupled with a two-camera-per-learner configuration. As in PLTL workshops, six to eight students in cPLTL workshops are guided by a peer leader through problem-solving activities for two hours. Learning gains in cPLTL were similar to those seen in PLTL. Discussed here is the development of cPLTL as well as adoption at other institutions.


By the end of the workshop, participants will have done the following: -Described Peer-Led Team Learning Model -articulated the roles of faculty, students and peer leaders -Described technical requirements for cPLTL -Brainstormed new technological approaches to implementing cPLTL -Practiced participating in a cPLTL workshop -Developed appropriate workshop problems for PLTL/cPLTL -Described essential components of Peer leasders program

Topical Outline

1. Introductions and Workshop Goals 2. Overview of PLTL and cPLTL teaching models 2.1 Activity: Participating in a Virtual cPLTL workshops 2.2 Activity: Identify Critical Components for Implementing PLTL/cPLTL models 3. Role, Training and Selection of Peer Leaders 3.1 Activity: Identifyig skills necessary for cPLTL workshops 4. Technological Requirements 4.1 Activity: Opportunities and challenges of different online collaboration tools 5. Workshop Problem development 5.1. Activity: create discipline specific problem(s) of cPLTL workshops 6. Discussion | Questions


Participants in this workshop should have experience with the following: -using web-based video conferencing services ? -using computers and navigating the internet ? -providing and/or developing training individuals or teams -troubleshooting basic computer and network connectivity problems -Setting up and configuring web and document cameras to work with personal computers

Experience Level



Tom Janke, M.S. Assistant Director, IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning Adjunct Instructor, IUPUI Music and Arts Technology Pratibha Varma-Nelson, Ph.D Professor of Chemistry Executive Director, IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning Tom Janke is an instructional technologist who works with university faculty to incorporate a wide array of technology in support of teaching strategies for online and face-to-face instructional environments. Pratibha Varma-Nelson is a professor of Chemistry and one of the founding architects of the nationally acclaimed Peer Led-Team Learning teaching model. Together, these two instructors have facilitated numerous workshops on teaching and learning and together facilitated two national cPLTL adoption workshops and provided ongoing training for cPLTL at their university.
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