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Cynthia Bowers

Wake Tech Community College

United States of America - Raleigh

Instructional Technologist for First in the World Grant Team, a Dept of Education Grant awarded to the Department of Strategic Innovations at Wake Tech CC. Our mission is to develop innovative strategies to improve student engagement, performance, and outcomes in three popular online courses.


Instructional Technologist for Wake Tech Community College, the largest community college in North Carolina with 71K students on 8 campuses (Blackboard as LMS). Previous to this position, I was a Blackboard Administrator for many years, and an Instructional Designer. I have a Master's in Educational Technology from Boise State University. (If you're a college football fan, BSU in Idaho has the blue football field!) For over a dozen years, I've been an adjunct online instructor for Montana State University Billings (D2L as LMS). I feel my day job makes me better at my adjunct job, and my adjunct job makes me better at my day job! www.linkedin.com/in/cindybowers123