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Follow-up Assessment/Folio SIG

Posted April 2, 2017 6:27 p.m. by SarahMcPherson
If you were not at the SITE Conference, or did not attend the Assessment/Folio SIG meeting, we missed you, but we want to let you know the essence of the discussion. Much of the meeting was discussion of a new name for the SIG. As you see in the notes emailed to you, Holistic Assessment__, was suggested. However, another suggestion is simply Assessment which may be sufficient and actually broader. It was pointed out in the Teacher Ed Council meeting the advantage our name starting with the letter A :-) - we are first! We would like your feedback and nomination for a new name by May 1. Then we will put out another message for a vote. I’ve post this information here for continuing the discussion. What are your ideas? Sarah McPherson - co-chair Assessment/Folio SIG

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