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ACTION NEEDED: Please sign up as a reviewer for SITE 2016

Posted Oct. 13, 2015 5:34 p.m. by KathrynLee

Please, please, please~

sign up to be a reviewer for SITE 2016. The quality of our conference greatly depends upon the meaningful and constructive feedback we provide our colleagues regarding their proposals.

Since we are among the largest SIGS in SITE, Teresa & I really need your support as a reviewer . Our current mailing is to 405 individuals.

When you sign up to be a reviewer, please carefully review the submissions you've been assigned AND provide constructive feedback for improvement to the paper and/or feedback related to its strengths. Consider the substantive feedback you want on your proposal. Providing textual feedback in addition to your numerical scores legitimizes the review and promotes professional development and collegiality.

Thank you for supporting our SIG and SITE. I look forward to seeing you in Savannah!

Kathryn KL10@txstate.edu

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