On the Use of a BBS for Better Cross-cultural Communication

ID: 5144 Type: Poster/Demo
  1. Yaeko Nakanishi and Neal Jost, Dokkyo University, Japan
  2. Lumi Tatsuta, Dokkyo Universty, Japan
  3. Kimiko Gunji, University of Illinois, United States

Friday, June 27 6:15 PM-8:00 PM Location: Maui/Kauai

No presider for this session.

Abstract: This project named ¡¯On the Use of a BBS for Better Cross-cultural Communication¡¯ has been launched to promote collaboration between two groups of students on a cross-cultural exchange. The participants are the students of Dokkyo University in Japan and the University of Illinois in the United States¡¦The current project started at the beginning of October,2002 and has continued for two and half months until the end of December, 2002¡¦The findings obtained in the research suggest that the students on both sides tend to have certain stereotypical images of the other group at the beginning of the session and gradually gain a better understanding of the other culture through continued communication on the BBS.


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