Share Paper: A Cross-Cultural Exchange via BBS and Internet Video Conferencing: A Project Overview

  1. Neal Jost, Dokyo University, Japan
  2. Lumi Tatsuta, Dokkyo University, Japan
  3. Yaeko Nakanishi, Dokkyo University, Japan
Wednesday, June 29 5:15 PM-7:15 PM Ballroom West

Abstract: This brief paper will look that how a BBS has helped university students from two distinct cultural backgrounds further their understanding of each other. It will discuss the results of the data collected. It will also present a look at a few of the main issues related to BBS communication and how internet conferencing supports it. It will provide an overview of how students further their awareness for other cultures. And, finally, it will suggests ways in which BBS and video conferencing can be better utilized for such cross-cultural projects.