Wednesday, June 24
5:30 PM-7:30 PM

Tool for Collective Analysis of Visual Scenes in Moving Activities

Poster/Demo ID: 25710
  1. aaa
    Ikuko Gyobu
    Ochanomizu University
  2. Masashi Toda
    Future University-Hakodate
  3. Tomohiro Uemura
    Tama Art University
  4. Yuta Kudo
    Future University-Hakodate

Abstract: In this study, we designed an observation tool for Collective Analysis of Visual Scenes in moving activities (CAVS). In video-recording educational practices, the observer often notices a “critical scene,” as reflection-in-action, in which the observer finds it “significant” in some sense, and feels it necessary for further analyses later on. In such an occasion, the observer certainly needs some tool to annotate or mark on the critical scene at that critical moment, still continuing the observation. The observer may also have a short temporary recess of observation, where the observer may want to review the recent series of “critical scenes,” to induce more significant meanings of what was going on. To accomplish the both ends, CAVS supports the immediate data-recording session and the quick-reflection data-recording session. Making use of two sessions, observers, teachers, and analysts can collectively discuss and analyze the implications of the observed activities as reflection-on-action.

No presider for this session.


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