Thursday, July 1
2:45 PM-3:45 PM

Scaffolded Electronic Learning and Educational Community of Teachers: Project SELECT

Brief Paper: New Development ID: 30275
  1. Rebecca Schneider
    University of Toledo
  2. aaa
    Noela Haughton
    University of Toledo
  3. aaa
    Virginia Keil
    University of Toledo
  4. Mark Templin
    University of Toledo

Abstract: Traditional approaches to teacher preparation are characterized by disconnects that have resulted in gaps in the environment such as the gap between the individualized needs of all educators and traditional one-size-fits-all programs. Selected Electronic Learning and Educational Community of Teachers (SELECT) is an interactive, media-rich e-learning system that integrates two web-based learning systems each designed to address this and other environmental gaps. A Learning Community of Teachers (ALCOT) encourages professional conversations, projects, and identities that integrate cognitive, social, and guidance aspects for teachers. The Electronic Assessment System (EAS) supports the management and analysis of key performance assessments while facilitating faculty engagement with learners through the assessment of work, communication of expectations, and the provision of extensive feedback on performance. The development and implementation of SELECT will be a quantum leap in the business and the future of colleges of education and the teaching profession as a whole.

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