Thursday, June 30
10:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 3.1 - Faculty of Letters Building

Learning about the Genetic Fingerprint with Dynamic and Static Multimedia Instructions. When an E-Script is Sufficient!

Full Paper: Conceptual & Empirical Study ID: 32859
  1. aaa
    Klaus Stiller
    University of Regensburg
  2. Peter Zinnbauer
    University of Regensburg

Abstract: The superiority of dynamic over static visualizations and auditory over visual text accompanying them suggests a video instruction outperforming an on-screen script version thereof. Hence, 70 adults received two web-based instructions about the genetic fingerprint in eight segments: A video instruction allowed the learners to start a subsequent segment by choice, an on-screen script was created by extracting 14 key frames from the video and transcribing the narration. There were no effects on mental effort ratings as well as retention, procedural knowledge, and transfer performance. In average, the video was studied 5:20 min. longer than the script (10:52 min.). It was shown that a learner-paced segmented video could be transformed to a non-dynamic on-screen script without learning disruption. This is mainly attributed to the video showing only a few important key frames in respect of declarative knowledge construction, and more freedom to regulate learning with the on-screen script.

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