Share Paper: User-centered Design of A PHR Mobile Application

  1. Zihang Shao, Indiana University Bloomington, United States
  2. Yuyin Sun, Indiana University Bloomington, United States
Friday, June 29 10:00-10:30 AM Mount Princeton

Abstract: This project aims to redesign the current Personal Health Record (PHR) system at a Midwest university. The report described the user-centered design process of a PHR mobile application-iHealth, including evaluation of the current PHR system, establishment of requirements, prototyping, evaluation and prototype redesign. Based on data collected from one semi-structured interview and an online questionnaire, we identified the need of designing a PHR mobile application, and established a set of requirements based on users’ needs, including five functional and four non-functional requirements. In consideration of the requirements, we created paper-based and web-based prototypes of iHealth, which consists of six sections: ...