Share Paper: Using Multiple Media and an Online Learning Environment to Capture Intersections between Education and Sustainability Worldwide

  1. Aaron Doering, University of Minnesota, United States
  2. Charles Miller, University of Minnesota, United States
  3. Cassie Scharber, University of Minnesota, United States
  4. Jeni Henrickson, University of Minnesota, United States
Tuesday, June 25 11:45 AM-12:15 PM Salon B

Abstract: Education for Sustainable Development has increasingly taken on importance around the world over the past decade. The Earthducation project is examining intersections between education and sustainability in climate hotspots on all the continents, with four field expeditions completed to date. While in the field, the team is documenting local culture, environmental issues, and educational practices, and collecting video narratives from a diverse spectrum of people discussing individual and regional beliefs about the role of and intersections between education and sustainability. These media and data are being shared online while the team is in the field. In addition, the general public ...