Share Paper: Design Principles for Applied Learning in Higher Education: A Pedagogical Approach for Non-traditional Students in an Online Course.

  1. Jillian Downing, University of Tasmania, Australia
  2. Jan Herrington, Murdoch University, Australia
Thursday, June 27 2:00-2:30 PM Sidney

Abstract: The profile of university students is changing, as a larger percentage of the population fill our online and on-campus classrooms. A new teacher education program commenced at an Australian university in 2011, with an explicit focus on applied learning. The course highlights a pedagogy whose time may have (finally) arrived in higher education. A set of design principles, underpinned theoretically by contemporary learning philosophies have been developed to provide a guiding framework for course developers and teaching staff in the fully online program. This paper describes the applied learning design principles; how they manifest in course development and delivery, and ...