Mobile App Development Course for Teaching OOD

Virtual Brief Paper ID: 39887
  1. Jungsoon Yoo
    Middle Tennessee State University
  2. Sung Yoo
    Middle Tennessee State University
  3. Zhijiang Dong
    Middle Tennessee State University

Abstract: Object oriented design (OOD) is an important skill to have for students to be successful in their future professional career since many real world problems are object oriented. However, our experiments show that our students do not have a proper understanding of OOD. This led us to hunt for a way to provide opportunities for our students to learn and practice OOD in our current curriculum. We noticed that problems used in a mobile application development course are object oriented. To solve those problems, students need to know how to perform OOD. We measured how effective a mobile app development course is in learning OOD, and our preliminary results support that taking the current Java: Android Application Development class helped junior-level students understand OOD concepts so that their performance has improved to the level as good as senior-level students. In this paper, we propose ways to systematically introduce OOD concepts in the Java: Android Application Development class.


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