Share Paper: Crossing borders: A comparison of the impact various teaching strategies and tools in an online and face-to-face psychology course.

  1. Kenneth Berry, University of Toronto, Canada
  2. Lena Paulo Kushnir, University of Toronto, Canada
Thursday, June 27 10:30 AM-11:00 AM Saanich 2

Abstract: Distance is gradually disappearing, as technological innovations provide universities with new opportunities and ways of teaching and learning that enable teachers to bring students together, empower and engage students. New technologies allow for improved online learning methods, which are often seen as providing opportunities for high quality instruction, with much flexibility, and more cost effective than previous online learning methods. This study compares learning outcomes in two modes of learning, face-to-face and online. We examined the impact of various teaching strategies and tools on (i) student learning outcomes (ii) student engagement and (iii) students’ satisfaction of their learning experience. A ...