Talking the Talk: Audio Feedback as a Tool for Student Assessment

Posted by Mitchell Parkes on May 21 2014 at 3:03 p.m.

  • Hi! We've developed a few free prototypes for creating audio feedback. We're focusing on students and teams, but the prototypes also allow for teachers to engage in asynchronous audio dialogue. I'd certainly appreciate your thoughts on our approach: and Cheers!


    • Thanks for your thoughts Tarmo. Another area we are looking at is getting students to create podcasts as part of their own assessment. Say for example the student creates some knowledge product, we can also ask them to provide as a podcast and explanation or a reflection about the work they have presented. This way we can look not only at the final product but the process involved in creating it. Cheers Mitch

      Posted in reply to Tarmo Toikkanen

  • Thank you for your presentation and your analysis of what works for your students in terms of offering audio feedback. I mentioned about our use of screencasting - in this case recording the screen with the students' work on and talking to it to offer feedback (as you described) to provide an audiovisual product for the student - but forgot to mention that we use snagit. It is inexpensive and easy to use. We are currently trialling it with different types of postgrad students and for different types of student work. (Alison, UK)


  • Hi Alison, thanks for your thoughts. We will certainly look more at screencasting as it could help deal with the problem of students becoming 'lost' during the feedback podcast especially as they can see exactly what items or part of the assignment we might be talking about.

    Best wishes Mitchell


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