Share Paper: Using Mobile Learning to Enhance Integrated Multimedia Learning at DeVry Online

  1. Barbara Son, DeVry University Online, United States
  2. Mark Simonian, California State University, Los Angeles, United States

Abstract: As more students move away from PCs to rely increasingly on mobile devices, online educational programs must find innovative ways to deliver mobile learning more effectively. We have examined key issues of online programs by researching the innovative online learning models presented at the previous Global Learn, Global TIME and E-Learn Conferences (Son & Wambalaba, 2008, Son & Goldstone, 2010, Son & Goldstone, 2011, Son & Goldstone, 2012, Son & Simonian, 2013). At the current Conference, we will discuss how mobile learning should be designed to improve on these models. DeVry University has been building its unique mobile site to ...