Share Paper: Strengthening the Narrative of Computing with Learning Communities

  1. Reneta Lansiquot, New York City College of Technology, United States
  2. Candido Cabo, New York City College of Technology, United States
Tuesday, June 24 2:00-2:30 PM B3108

Abstract: First-year problem-solving computer programming courses (CS1) are gateway courses with low passing rates. In this study, we compared the development of computer programming skills between two groups of undergraduate students taking a CS1 course. In one group, the CS1 course was part of a learning community (LC) with an English Composition I course and emphasized the use of programming narratives to develop computer programming skills; the second group was not part of a LC. LC students outperformed non-LC students in both understanding of computer programming concepts and in their ability to transfer those concepts into practical programming skills. We conclude ...