Share Paper: Teachers’ Role in the SNS-Era:Different points of view from a global perspective

  1. Arnon Hershkovitz, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
  2. Alona Forkosh Baruch, Levinsky College of Education, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Tuesday, June 24 10:00 AM-11:00 AM B1096

Abstract: The knowledge society poses challenges in the field of education. These challenges include social and cultural aspects as well as aspects referring to educators' skills and competencies. Teachers' roles are changing learning and teaching as well as social and emotional aspects. SNS play a major role in this educational change, extending the scope and settings in which teachers and students communicate, with regards to curricular issues as well as inter-personal issues. This may affect and even alter traditional hierarchical structures in schools. The purpose of the proposed symposium is to present empirically-based points of view from an international perspective that ...