Share Paper: From the Classroom to Keyboard: How Seven Instructors Created Their Online Teacher Identities

  1. Jennifer Richardson, Purdue University, United States
  2. Janet Alsup, Purdue University, United States
Wednesday, June 25 4:00-4:30 PM B1096

Abstract: Teacher professional identity is defined as a sense of teacher self that results from a productive combination of key personal and professional subjectivities, identity positions, or beliefs (Alsup, 2006). Strong teacher identity results in effective and well-motivated conceptions of professional self, which take into consideration institutional demands as well as personal priorities. Much research has been done on the development of teacher identity in the K-12 arena (Alsup, 2006; Danielewicz, 2001), with some research on instructors at the college level (Baxter, 2012), yet little research to date has looked at how instructors at the college level who are teaching online ...