Share Paper: New Roles of the Teacher and Students in the Digital Technology Era

  1. Rose Maria Belim Motter, Western State University of Parana - UNIOESTE, Brazil
  2. Araci hack Catapan, Federal University of Santa Catarina- UFSC, Brazil
Thursday, June 26 2:45 PM-3:05 PM B3111

Abstract: This article aims to discuss the new role of English teachers and learners in the digital era, when multimedia and hypermedia have a greater importance and are inside the classroom helping on improving foreign language learning. With these new possibilities of improving teaching material, teachers must know how to deal with Digital Communication Technology when they develop and implement Digital Learning Objects. Digital materials add languages hybridization as well as, become possible to exercise different language skills. In this article will be discussed the process of technological training of Brazilian English teachers who teach in public schools. The study demonstrates ...