Share Paper: Dare to change! How replacing the established Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) can work as an accelerator for improved quality of education

  1. Geert van der Wijk, Windesheim, University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
Wednesday, June 25 11:35-11:55 AM B3109

Abstract: After working with our previous VLE (Blackboard) for 13 years it was time to change. Most teachers used the VLE as a digital bookshelf. Part of the problem was unfamiliarity and/or ignorance of teachers with the possibilities in the VLE. A major part was the lack of functionalities. As a result of a European tender we adopted a new VLE that fits our needs better. Switching VLE’s gave us new possibilities in terms of functionality but also gave a new boost for adopting the VLE as a tool for better quality of our education.