Share Paper: The Effect Gained by “Reflection” CG in the Leaning of Dance Movements

  1. Yoko Usui, Student, Japan
  2. Katsumi Sato, Associate Professor, Japan
  3. Shinichi Watabe, Professor, Japan
Thursday, June 26 11:55 AM-12:15 PM B3116

Abstract: In Japanese traditional folk dances, movements from waist to spine, or waist and body axes, are especially important. It is difficult for dance beginners to be aware of how to move their waist and body axis practically for better performance and many of them did not know how to overcome such problems. In this study we divided the subject students into two groups: the students who practiced a folk dance by using CG and the students who practiced with a regular method. Afterwards, comparisons were made and the effect of the CG review practice was discussed. As a result, some ...