Share Paper: The Effect of PICTK Knowledge and Instructional TPACK Knowledge on Sense of Empowerment among ICT Instructors

  1. Noga Magen- Nagar, Gordon College of Education, Ben- Gurion University, Israel
  2. Orit Avidov Unger, The Open University, Israel, Achva Academic College, Israel
Wednesday, June 25 10:30 AM-11:00 AM B3116

Abstract: The current research has two goals: the first is to examine the predictive variables of the system level ICT instructors in comparison to ICT instructors in integrated district schools. The second goal is to examine the PICTK (Program Information Communication Technology Knowledge) and the TPACK (Technological Pedagogy And Content Knowledge) knowledge potency, on the ICT instructors’ sense of empowerment for facilitating the ICT implantation in the schools. 121 ICT instructors participated and answered four self-reporting questionnaires. Path analysis was performed by using Structural Equation Modeling. The main results show that among the system level ICT instructors the PICTK knowledge has ...