Share Paper: Work and Evaluation Plan (WEP) Performance in Women’s Primary Care Service in Maranhão - Brazil

  1. Cristina Loyola, UNA-SUS/UFMA, Brazil
  2. Sebastião Rocha, Popular Centre for Culture and Development, Brazil
  3. Ana Emilia Oliveira, UNA-SUS/UFMA, Brazil
  4. Eurides Castro Jr, UNA-SUS/UFMA, Brazil
  5. Mariana Maia, UNA-SUS/UFMA, Brazil
Tuesday, June 24 2:45 PM-3:05 PM B3107

Abstract: The Open University of Brazilian National Health System – UNA-SUS, which operates in collaboration with Brazilian’s Ministry of Health and Federal University of Maranhão (UFMA), offers National Health System (SUS) workers, through distance education, specialization in Family Health course, which purpose is to empower and train health professionals to work together with Primary Care in the state. To guide and monitor the projects undertaken during the course, it was established a query model named Work and Evaluation Plan (WEP). Available as an online textbook, this tool enables to monitor the performance of the course in different areas of health care, ...