Share Paper: The Precede-Proceed Model – design to plan, implement and evaluate of eHealth intervention

  1. Teija Räihä, Kyyhkylä Rehabilitation Center, Finland
Tuesday, June 24 3:05-3:25 PM B3116

Abstract: This paper describes the Precede-Proceed Model to guide planning, implementation and evaluation of eHealth intervention. The Precede-Proceed Model involves nine phases and is based on the premise that a thorough assessment (Precede) should be made before planning an eHealth intervention with evaluation (Proceed) built into the process to enable measurement of the effectiveness of that intervention. Primary targets for the eHealth intervention are established through ease phase of the assessment process on the basis of causal importance in the chain of eHealth determinants, their prevalence, and their changeability. The results of this assessment process guide the development of the eHealth ...