Share Paper: Measures for ICT Implementation in Colleges of Education

  1. Alona Forkosh Baruch, Levinsky College of Education, Israel
  2. Orit Avidov-Unger, The Open University, Israel and Achva Academic College, Israel
Wednesday, June 25 4:00-4:30 PM B1097

Abstract: The paper focuses on a questionnaire evaluating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) implementation among teacher educators in academic colleges of education. It examines components of ICT training as perceived by teacher educators in these colleges, their attitudes towards ICT contribution of for teaching and learning, and the available conditions and resources for ICT implementation. The questionnaire was developed as part of a study focusing on evaluating the implementation of the computerization program and is partly based on a questionnaire developed in a former study conducted in 1999-2000 (Goldstein, 2012). The validity of the questionnaire was examined based on the ...