Share Paper: Design and Development of A Sifteo Cubes Game for Chinese Proverbs Learning

  1. David Tawei Ku, Tamkang University, Taiwan
  2. Eric Huang, Tapie National University of Arts, Taiwan
  3. Xiaoniu Su-Chu Hsu, Tapie National University of Arts, Taiwan
Tuesday, June 24 11:15-11:35 AM B1097

Abstract: Currently, studies related to new technology supporting learning are very popular in Taiwan and the most of studies associated with the subject of ecological environment, yet the issues related to Chinese language teaching and learning has not been explored thoroughly. This study works with elementary school Chinese teachers and using “Chinese Proverbs” as the main topic for primary school students. Integrating the Sifteo Cubes and situated learning method, an ideal of a game-based learning system, Chinese Proverb Learning system (CPL), has been initiated. The system will cooperate with the “Chinese Proverb” lesson, using strategies such as problem solving and small ...