Share Paper: Implementing Large Scale Mobile Learning School Programs: To BYOD or not to BYOD

  1. Boris Handal, The University of Notre Dame Australia, Australia
  2. Robert Ritter, The University of Alberta, Canada
  3. David Marcovitz, Loyola University Maryland, United States
Tuesday, June 24 2:45 PM-3:05 PM B3110

Abstract: This research attempts to explore the mobile learning (ML) implementation models adopted by school systems in Canada and the United States. Within an interpretative approach it will look at the instructional, curricular and organizational issues involved in the implementation of large scale mobile learning programs in order to inform policy in Australia. The two main models for providing mobile technology to students, either ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) or organization provided device (OPD) will be used to examine their implications on the three aforementioned issues. The research will be conducted through interviews to teachers, teacher educators and educational leaders. Additionally, ...