Share Paper: Subjective Estimation of Risks and Assessment of the Information Included in the Tsunami Warning System by Students in Universities Located Inside and Outside Regions Damaged by the 2011 off Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake in Japan

  1. Erina Gyoba, International Research Institution of Disaster Sciences,Tohoku-University, Japan
Wednesday, June 25 10:30 AM-11:00 AM B3109

Abstract: Abstract: Required behaviors for disaster mitigation include perceiving specific information about the disaster, obtaining adequate knowledge of the disaster’s occurrence, and taking precise action during an emergency. This paper is a report on the differences of perception and the assessment of tsunami warning information between university students located inside and outside regions damaged by the 2011 off Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake. The results revealed that university students outside the damaged regions tended to estimate the tsunami heights higher than university students inside the regions when they received qualitative expressions of tsunami heights included in the Japan Meteorological Agency’s new ...