Share Paper: Technology in Professional Training at MGIMO (U)

  1. Tatiana Ivushkina, MGIMO (U), Russian Federation
  2. Kristina Stepanyan, MGIMO (U), Russian Federation
Tuesday, June 24 11:15-11:35 AM B3107

Abstract: Tatiana Ivushkina, Kristina Stepanyan. Technology in Professional Training at MGIMO (U).Future specialists in different fields are supposed to acquire professional skills much more advanced than before. That is why international cooperation is becoming part and parcel of professional training at MGIMO. The Skype, PP presentations, Youtube, VoiceThread , MovieMaker, MultiMedia database are among the few tools most widely used at the University. However, there is always a need for a better and more appropriate technological tool for specialists in different fields. This report is about the experience and various problems which ensue in the process - both in finding and ...