Share Paper: Assessment of a Business Gaming Practice in University based on the Attitude Modification

  1. Takashi Tachino, Shoin University, Japan
  2. Yuuki Kato, Sagami Women’s University, Japan
  3. Shogo Kato, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, Japan
  4. Noboru Wakayama, Faculty of Law, Teikyo University, Japan, Japan
Wednesday, June 25 11:55 AM-12:15 PM B3110

Abstract: In this paper, we introduce a game-based learning system, called "Price Game," using TCP/IP communication, in which multiple players can gain experience in decision-making for market price, the price at which a commodity or service is selling in the open market. To solve problems of inconvenience in business gaming education, this system does not require a server for data communication, instead using a client-to-client model. The system, which has been equipped with an accessible interface and menu system for students to operate very simply, will develop to enable students to practice at their own pace with instructors serving as guides ...