Share Paper: Interactive and Engaging Social Learning Spaces for Collaboration

  1. Antti Syvänen, University of Tampere, Finland
  2. Mark Frydenberg, Bentley University, United States
  3. Jenni Poutanen, Technical University of Tampere, Finland
  4. Markku Turunen, University of Tampere, Finland
  5. Graham Walton, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
Wednesday, June 25 10:00 AM-11:00 AM Oasis, Floor 2

Abstract: Social Learning Space (SLS) is a strategy to improve student and staff commitment by means of supporting active learning, social interaction and sense of belonging. When established within University campuses SLS extends informal learning forms in higher education. This paper discusses the general features and design goals of SLS, social ergonomics, strategies to support engagement, the interactive technology considerations (infrastructure and BYOD requirements) and evaluation methods. The paper draws conclusions from 5 SLS case studies with diverse design strategies and uses.