Share Paper: Exergames in Action: Flow, Enjoyment and Motivation for Physical Activity

  1. Tugba Altan, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
  2. Kursat Cagiltay, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Wednesday, June 25 11:15-11:35 AM B3109

Abstract: In this study, the interaction between flow, enjoyment and motivation for physical activity in exergames were examined deeply. The research method was qualitative case study and a participant group consisting of 8 graduate students was used. The data were gathered via a demographic survey, semi-structured interviews and observations. Content analysis method was used to analyze the data. According to results, some participants had consistent experiences with some components of flow such as challenge, transformation of time, and loss of self-consciousness. Challenge and competition between players were effective on flow experience. It was revealed that exergames are useful for providing participants ...