Share Paper: Critical analysis of an Amazon program of Digital Inclusion: The Navegapará in the city of Belém

  1. Waleria Magalhães, Universidade Federal do Pará- UFPA, Brazil
  2. Marianne Eliasquevici, Universidade Federal do Pará- UFPA, Brazil
  3. Benedito Ferreira, Universidade Federal do Pará- UFPA, Brazil

Abstract: This article proposes a study on the browser to Navegapará, particularly in its educational components, analyzing infocenters schools of the city of Belém. Thus were selected 26 schools of the county in which open-ended interviews were conducted with teachers and laboratory subject teachers and school principals were applied, also, a questionnaire to better characterize the a sample of schools visited. In conclusion is a brief analysis of the data and observe the potential of the program and some points that need to be reviewed, such as providing proper training to teachers, and equipment in good repair maintenance, among other things, ...