Share Paper: Exploring the Use of iPads for Engaged Learning in the Elementary Classroom: A Survey of Teachers

  1. Lyudmila Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary College, United States
  2. Lindsay Bordonaro, Mount Saint Mary College, United States
Wednesday, June 25 2:45 PM-3:05 PM B3118

Abstract: : Research demonstrates that well-integrated technology has a positive impact on student learning outcomes. The effect is even more pronounced with the use of iPads in the classroom. As a result, more and more schools choose to purchase iPads instead of computers and/or textbooks. This recent change raises some significant questions: Are teachers ready to embrace the iPad and integrate it effectively in their classrooms? What applications are the most useful and effective in teaching different subjects? Are there advantages of iPads over textbooks and other types of technology; if so, what are they? These and other questions were the ...