Share Paper: How to Cultivate Global Competencies Through Project-Based Collaborative Learning in University Students

  1. Makoto Kageto, Nihon Fukushi University, Japan
  2. Shinichi Sato, Nihon Fukushi University, Japan
  3. Gary Kirkpatrick, Nihon Fukushi University, Japan
Wednesday, June 25 11:35-11:55 AM B3118

Abstract: It is needed for young generation among Asian countries to enhance communication via the network and get the opportunities to talk directory regarding issues such as gender, democracy and well beings and educations. Authentic settings such as international collaborative project enable them to challenge the joint presentation as the collaborative outcomes. The purpose of this study is to develop a model case of collaborative project-based learning (PBL) among Asian university students. The project titled World Youth Meeting(hereinafter called “WYM” ) and International Conference of Media in Education (hereinafter called “ICoME”) was designed to help students develop their collaborative skills based ...