Share Paper: Using a simulator of the human body (HBI), Its impact on learning anatomy in high school students. Stratification by sex and learning style.

  1. Margarita Rosas-Munive, Facultad de Medicina UNAM, Mexico
  2. Veronica Hoyos-Aguilar, Universidad Pedagogica Nacional, Mexico
Thursday, June 26 10:00-10:30 AM B3107

Abstract: Background. A group of 73 high school students used a simulator of the human body to study anatomy was investigated. Divided into three groups: classes with their teacher, teacher's classes simulator; classes with the professor, simulator and accompanying teacher for. We applied a test before intervention (use of simulator). Test was applied again after a period of two months, in which students were exposed to intervention. The learning styles questionnaire was applied at the beginning. Results: students improve their knowledge; gender was a factor in the results. Theorist and pragmatic learning styles had the best performance.