Share Paper: The Efficacy of Scenario-Based Simulations for Middle and High School Science and Engineering

  1. Yiping Lou, University of South Florida, United States
  2. Jennifer Hart, University of South Florida, United States
  3. Adonis Amparo, University of South Florida, United States
Thursday, June 26 4:30 PM-5:00 PM B3109

Abstract: The Water Awareness Research and Education-Research Experience for Teachers (WARE-RET) at the University of South Florida is a three-year, immersive opportunity for middle and high school in-service and pre-service math and science teachers, to participate in structured research, training, and professional development in the STEM fields. As part of the project, in-service and pre-service teachers collaborated with graduate students in engineering and instructional technology to develop scenario-based e-learning modules that bring the cutting-edge research experience to the middle and high school classrooms. The design and development process followed Successive Approximation Model and design-based research. Preliminary implementation results showed that the ...