Share Paper: Movie making Methods-based Digital Textbooks

  1. Susumu Sawai, Cyber University, Japan
  2. Kenji Asada, Cyber University, Japan
  3. Shinji Matsumoto, Cyber University, Japan
Tuesday, June 24 2:45 PM-3:05 PM B3118

Abstract: In this project, we are developing new movie making methods-based Digital Textbooks and resolving the copyright problem. We produced a digital textbook to facilitate the coursework delivered in the Cyber University on oral history digital archiving. As we incorporated tacit knowledge via videos in the production, copyright licenses of relevant videos were obtained in advance, and techniques of digital movie making were utilized. While the advantages are that the time taken to produce digital textbooks were reduced, disadvantages are that we can hardly make the digital movies in the case of the complicated handling of copyrights.