Share Paper: Dialogue Design System in a Mass Lecture Class: Bridging the Cultural Gaps in Pedagogy through Operation Videos

  1. Yukari Makino, Faculty of Informatics, Kansai University, Japan
  2. Irja Leppisaari, Averko eLearning Centre, Centria University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Thursday, June 26 10:00-10:30 AM B3111

Abstract: The Dialogue Design System (DDS) is a management system that facilitates dialogical learning in mass classes at universities. Staff students, who act as mediators between the teacher and participating students, work in teams to organize idea cards collected from participating students, within a theoretical structure. In this system, students develop the competencies that are emphasized by the Tuning Project in Europe and the Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO). However, the DDS method cannot be easily implemented because the system is sophisticated, and the staff students mostly work behind the scenes outside class. In order to introduce the DDS ...