Share Paper: An Ontology-based Learning System based on Semantic Blog Model

  1. Sook Young Choi, Woosuk University, Korea (South)
  2. Kyung-Ah Yang, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea (South)
  3. Hyung-Jeong Yang, Chonnam National University, Korea (South)
  4. Jae-Dong Yang, Chonbuk National University, Korea (South)
Wednesday, June 25 3:00 PM-5:00 PM B3108

Abstract: This paper suggests an ontology-based learning system that supports semantic blog model to systematically analyze and manage blogs with ontology. Its aim is to support students’ self directed learning effectively. The proposed model enable learners easily find appropriate learning blog resources such as posts or other related bloggers when they want to learn more or they are curious about high-level knowledge while they are learning a learning topic. The learning resources are found by tracking and analyzing various relationships specified in the ontology.