Share Paper: iPads in special education: Introducing mobile learning devices into skills program environments

  1. Doug Reid, Grant MacEwan University, Canada
  2. John Ewing, University of Alberta, Canada
  3. Sheila Fraser, Blackgold Regional Schools, Canada
  4. Nathaniel Ostashewski, Curtin University, Australia
Tuesday, June 24 2:45 PM-3:05 PM B3111

Abstract: Learning challenges were identified in a special needs “Skills Program” in a K-12 school. iPads were introduced to Skills Program students to use as part of their daily educational programming needs. During the planning and implementation of this project, considerations included past experience with technology, communication needs, and students individual program goals. This project was to provide the students with an alternative means of completing daily academic, life skills and communications goals. Observations included improved student engagement, academic skills enhancement and communication skills. More time and training for staff in the use of the communication-based applications is required. Improvements in ...