Share Paper: Investigation of Methods of Making and Presenting Information of Enrolled Students in Order to Create a Learning Support System that Considers Their Personalities

  1. Toyoji Matsumoto, Information Media Center of Kanazawa University, Japan
  2. Haruhiko Taira, WebClass Japan Ltd., Japan
Wednesday, June 25 3:00 PM-5:00 PM B3108

Abstract: In the 2010, we began taking initiatives to introduce an outcome evaluation function to our learning management system. The objective was to offer an environment which boosts students' motivation to learn and allows them to arrange their own course schedule by graphically displaying the types of abilities. Moreover, the system was intended to provide information to the instructors that would allow them to formulate future teaching strategies. We are now taking this research a step further by developing a learning support system based on a learning pattern that considers the personality of each student. This paper reports on the results ...