Share Paper: Can young children learn math through Computer Assisted Instruction: An Evaluation of the Waterford Early Math & Science Program

  1. Haya Shamir, Waterford Research Institute, United States
  2. Amy Morris, Waterford Research Institute, United States
  3. Erin Johnson, University of Utah, United States

Abstract: This study explored the efficacy of the Waterford Early Math and Science (WEMS) program for teaching preschool and kindergarten students early math concepts. The treatment group (n = 170) used the software program for 40 minutes a week over a 28-week classroom session at a community center. The control group (n = 85) was recruited from two area private preschool / kindergarten programs. Analyses revealed a significant treatment effect for kindergartners, with the treatment effect in preschoolers approaching significance. The interaction between group and grade also showed a significant trend. These results indicate that, especially for kindergartners, the use of ...