Share Paper: Generalizing the Design Framework of Gaming Materials for “Problem-based Learning” in Mathematics through Developing a New Game

  1. Toshiki Matsuda, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  2. Yurie Ito, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Thursday, June 26 10:00-10:30 AM B3117

Abstract: Recently, it has become more important to cultivate students’ problem-solving abilities than to impart extensive amounts of knowledge to them. To this end, we proposed a design framework for problem-based learning in mathematics and developed a gaming material based on the framework. In developing the e-learning material, we focused on this question “Where will I profit more: getting employed immediately after graduating from upper secondary school or after graduating from the university?” In this research, we developed a new gaming material titled “Let’s make a plan to hold a bazaar as an event of our school festival” to examine whether ...