Share Paper: Effects of Smart Phones, In Naming of Chemical Compounds

  1. Nuray ZAN, Ministry of Education, Turkey
  2. Burcu Umut Zan, University of Karatekin, Turkey
  3. F. Inci Morgil, University of Hacettepe, Turkey
Tuesday, June 24 3:05-3:25 PM B3109

Abstract: As a result of rapid technological advances, smart phones have widespread of use in recent times. The basic purpose of this study is to examine the effects of smart phones, when they are used as an education tool in the teaching environment. In this study, smart phones used as an education tool in the chemistry course at the subject of naming chemical compounds, to assess the effects of smart phones. The multi media and text messages, which have been sent to students’ smart phones, include the names, formulas, pronunciation, usage areas of compounds and questions related with compounds. These messages ...